Monday 20 November 2023

In Our Thousands In Our Millions We Are All Palestinians!

Those were your human rights...
As we don't like them, we'll impose another set!
(apologies to Groucho Marx)

The ownership of persons by other persons has not been legal in the UK for nearly two centuries. Up until when variously wealthy 'owners' of other human beings were at 'liberty' to ease their financial woes via the buying and selling of their human chattel. Happy days!

The UK has moved on.

No longer is it legal for one UK citizen to buy or sell another. But, as our dubiously 'honourable Prime Minister has made clear to the nation, inconvenient laws shall not be permitted to shackle the British Electorate's express wishes. As of today, unless I've just missed the Right Honourable Lee Anderson, or the Right Honourable Jacob Rees-Mogg making constitutionally protected statements to the contrary, no such wish currently bears weight.

Some might feign outrage at this comment or suggestion, spoken in certain 'polite' circles, or committed to the wrong column inches. But then, prior to the current Commons cabal- all its various guises- such a comment would have deserved no better. Since when the UK has undertaken something of a nosedive. So instead, here we find ourselves, basking in the faux-warmth of our latest two shameful events, seeming to have reopened whispered discussions we'd assumed off limits for the past two hundred years.

Two events transpired, both of which may haunt the UK for many decades to come. Shamefully, although of lesser human cost, the UK's serving Prime Minister addressed the House to express distain for the current rule of International Law, in so far as it enshrouds Human Rights. Dwarfing this, on a Genocidal scale we can currently only guess at, the UK's Parliament voted to permit the ongoing War Crime of Forced Transfer being enacted by Occupying Israel upon the Captive Palestinian Population. Further, lining up to stand and address the House, several faces wished to put a face to the endorsement. Arguably even less honourable, Navendu Mishra (Stockport) and Helen Hayse (Dulwich and West Norwood) spoke faux passionately about a Ceasefire before reverting to type and abstaining.

A ceasefire will 'freeze the conflict as it stands,' Sir Keir insists, although not at all convincingly so. But it is not a conflict, it is a Slaughter, a Genocide! Neither is it a 'conflict' in any international sense, Hamas is a resistance organisation and Israel is an occupying power, armed to the teeth by the dishonourable US and UK governments. Most of the globe recognises that freezing this horror show would be infinitely preferable to any form of continuation. It's worth noting that history- seldom a friend to Israel- shows Hamas to be far more likely to honour the Ceasefire.

"In Our Thousands In Our Millions We Are All Palestinians!" a chant which would have united those lining up to further the slaughter, had either 'Ukrainians' or 'Israelis' been substituted for 'Palestinians,' recognises that we could all- most of us- find ourselves targeted. Thankfully not yet under assault from similar western weaponry, yet targeted none the less. Homeless, under condemned canvass, stateless?

Home born British citizen Shamima Begum was a naive and impressionable child of 15 when, along with two fellow children, she was people-smuggled through Turkey to Syria to join ISIL (Islamic State) in Afghanistan. Shamima was the sole survivor of the trio, earning her a great deal of MSM generated hatred. She was one of several hundred British Citizens to have left the UK to fight for ISIS/ISIL, citing various motivations, under variously questionable means. Many of these citizens perished along with the crumbling state. Over two hundred remain unaccounted for.

Shamima Begum neither perished, nor did she die along with her classmates. She survived and should stand trial as a British Citizen. Instead the British Citizen was made stateless by one of the UK's conveyer belt Home Secretaries, Sajid Javid, unlawful under the British Nationality Act 1981, also contrary to the United Nations Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, to which the UK is signatory. If she faced trial it seems likely that she would be convicted on charges of terrorism, she would be secure within a UK site of detention, the information she retains would likely prove useful to the UK. Undoubtedly, she is bright. She currently resides within the Al-Hawl Refugee Camp in Northern Syria. She is one of over 100,000,000 forcibly displaced global citizens. We can barely imagine how many more Palestinians are soon to add to the numbers.

That our government routinely lies to us is no longer the secret that we once pretended to ourselves we thought it was. This 'new' information has also, perhaps unwittingly, torn away a further layer to the conspiracy, that our government lies to us on the behalf of other governments. Some governments, certain individuals and collectives within those governments. In this instance that would be Israel!

First, in order for a government to lie to its citizens on behalf of another government, that government would need to pave the way by lying to citizens about itself. Well, conveniently to hand, we have a recent Observer undercover investigation into the depth to which the UK's Government now routinely shuts down valid criticism of policies and other actions undertaken by the same government. This is the 'Free Speech' government, remember. The Observer article reveals that this abuse was rife across fifteen departments, that the process deployed the trawling through and monitoring of the social media of 'identified individuals,' who were then cancelled and prevented from speaking at government-funded events. De-platformed, cancelled! Shock horror! One wonders what the Daily Mail brigade thinks.

Branching out, Chris Hedges of The Real News Network has also done some digging. Speaking with Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone there has been a great deal of piecing together of various reports leaking out of Israel and the IDF, regarding the event of 7th October. The linked report is titled, 'Did Israel's Military Kill Its Own Civilians on October 7th?' The report is under 45 minutes and specifically references the Israeli 'Hannibal Directive,' a procedure devised in order to prevent the capture of Israeli soldiers. More specifically it draws together testimonies and other evidence collected in the immediate aftermath of the event. Light years ahead of anything coming out of the BBC, the report digs into the Israeli line of 'beheaded babies and burned corpses,' details of the site and precisely which Israeli divisions and munitions were deployed. No evidence of beheadings, no evidence of burnings! The UK fully understands which side has the capacity to 'melt' human flesh because there's a fair chance that we may have helped to develop that capacity and armed the perpetrators.

Such is the volume of IDF misinformation that, finally, reports about the absence of tunnel networks beneath hospitals is seeping out from even MSM journalists, some of them. In the 1950s the UK's overseas militias began enacting Operation Legacy, whereby a fabricated legacy of great empire had to be protected. In panicked retreat, thousands of files were torched! If Israel plans to similarly protect its legacy then it hasn't factored in the towering evidence of War Crimes, teetering before anyone prepared to just look up. Can a green-lit Israel seriously be trusted now, not to line up Lebanon in its sights, Syria? The nation of Israel lives in constant fear we are eternally being fed. Tracing the potential reasons for any such eventality surely lays much of the cause at the feet of the most heavily armed nation in the region, the one most likely to fire off a few rounds as and when, almost upon a whim. No worries, Western Nations will cover for you, aka lie!

So, how can it be that Hamas is ajudged 'terrorist' whereas Israel is not?

In Our Thousands In Our Millions We Are All Palestinians!

Recently departed Home secretary- clones Rees-Mogg, Anderson et al- hit the ground running when she was first appointed. She swiftly identified the most convenient distraction groups, maybe she already had them all lined up in priority order. Unless the files have been committed to paper the chances of discovering quite how far down the list any of us is (or was) is unlikely. Excepting the chance that some of us are already there, reaping the hatred she has sown.

"We've got that many people 'ere and we're looking after them but we're not looking after our own!" one gentleman complained. "People who work in the courts, they've got money, they're okay," "We're giving all our money to the asylum seekers!" a lady chipped in. "I know in some countries it's hard for them, I really do understand that. It is a shame but we need to look after our own back yard first!" a wise head shared, signing off with an affirming nod.

Just for reference, this is how we look after our own. Here's footage of Camden Council removing tents, tents that were formerly occupied by some of 'our own.' MPs Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, former Head of the Crown Prosecution Service and Tulip Siddiq, both New Labour, can hold their heads high.

Asylum Seekers, possibly displaced via the arms the UK shovels off to foreign shores, may now be numbered 'in their thousands, in their millions!' Lessons to be drawn upon the 'nature' of humanity must truly be mind-numbingly ugly, when some of those granted Refugee Status are able to step so very lightly from persecuted to persecutor and yet so they have. Under Braverman's watch there is now a far greater chance that asylum seekers still awaiting processing may find themselves dicing with severe ill health, care of one of his highness's prison ships, or other unsavoury locations. An increasingly 'socially acceptable' tented homeless population- 'in their thousands, in their millions!'- has been demoted up the priority list. Sub-contractors have been filmed loading the homes and possessions of some of the nation's homeless, demonstrating precisely how we 'look after our own!' With heating and food bills up astronomically where may we find the renter's on the list? What about those who have recently defaulted on their mortgages, care of Andrew Bailey's slight of hand? MNM bemoans the coming season's projected retail losses yet none seem prepared to just join up the dots. Look! Was that an illegal Russian invasion? Look away, Israel has a right to bomb Palestine into oblivion! Curse the dratted Pandemic legacy, otherwise the nation would be flying! Really, the home team has made all the right moves!

'In their thousands, in their millions!' will the next scapegoat please step into the cross hairs!

Honest, if our politicians and representatives could just get the current crises out of the way the very next priority is to sort out the UK's housing crisis, the UK's homeless crisis, the UK's energy crisis, the UK's transport crisis, the UK's climate obligations... We've got an absolute A Team on it!

On a more positive note, it was truly heart warming to see and meet so many people on Armistice Saturday's march. I've read that David Baddiel wasn't there because he was "living [in] dread" because of the "anger" many on the march felt over Israel's Genocide and Collective Punishment upon Occupied Palestine. The Jewish family with whom I spent the earliest part of the march didn't display any such 'dread.' Absolutely, there was a great deal of 'anger,' much of it directed towards the Israeli Government and the Official Opposition's Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, Former Head of the Crown Prosecution Service, none of it towards any of the many, many Jewish people also marching, marching in support of humanity and common decency, against the sort of inhuman brutality and evil acts from which so many current enablers are likely to wish to distance themselves in the coming years.

I'm currently living with a dread. It's a small consolation that I'll be able to look my granddaughter in the eye in the coming years. But what can I tell her?

In Our Thousands In Our Millions We Are All Palestinians! Absolutely we are!

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